The Creative Unorthodox

Here are some starting points where you can begin the process of thinking a little differently… like an unorthodox marketer.

“What exactly is Unorthodox Marketing?”

To be unorthodox is to be creative.

Well, that’s a question I get asked a lot having coined the term in an eBook of the same name and having it as the core theme around this blog.

By the way, before you read, on you should take a look at the chapters within that eBook to see whether or not there’s a marketing strategy that you can introduce or review from some of the ideas you’ll discover.

I’m sure there is…

Click to take a look at Unorthodox Marketing.

But to answer the question, I consider ‘Unorthodox Marketing’ a marketing strategy or an outlook on how to market to potential customers that isn’t common or replicated like you’ll see throughout the corporate or marketing landscape today.

Being unorthodox in the way that you carry out your marketing, sales procedures, customer service experiences (or in fact anything at all to do with your business or brand that has the ability to influence others), means that there’s more chance of those on the other end of your campaigns taking notice.

There’s more of a chance that you’ll get attention and be able to speak to potential customers if you’ve approached them in a different way to, say your competition or the other businesses in other industries have done so previously that day.

Unorthodox Marketing is not about listening to the academics, marketing experts and other sales trainers when they teach you how to do marketing.

This is because they teach you based on what others have already done. And this is wrong.

Unorthodox Marketing is about quite the opposite.

It’s about discovering precisely what your market doesn’t respond to, and then building new and more creative marketing messages and experiences that they haven’t had the opportunity to respond to before.

Unorthodox Marketing gets recognised. It gets attention.

It not only better builds the relationships that consequently turns more potential customers into customers, but it gets people talking about your business, your brand and your products.

It gets you noticed.

Think of all of the big businesses that have made news stories, ones that have won marketing and advertising awards, and ones that are seemingly successful in everything that they do. What do they all have in common? They are creative.

They build their businesses around a unique idea with a unique outlook that no one else has thought about doing.

People love that. Customers love that. And this is precisely what Unorthodox Marketing is about.

This kind of creativity comes from you and you alone though. From your head – and that’s something you will need to think about.

That is, way to bring that inner creativity out into something tangible.

But right now, let me give you a few ideas of how you can try and penetrate the market that’s there waiting to be approached differently, just by looking at a few factors within your business to begin the creative process.

Think of this as a stimulation exercise.

Marketing & business model. Okay, so your brand has a business model or a marketing model? Disrupt it. You have access to tons of new technological advancements (nearly every day) so why not use them and challenge the models that have been around your business for too long. Stop relying on the things you rely on.

Turn your business into a game. What, your customers don’t have to work to get hold of the products that they buy from you with their own money? Crazy! I’m deadly serious here. Make your customers work that little bit harder to become part of your organisation by testing them in a little bit of friendly competition. They may appreciate it.

Employee role-swap. Today you’re the business analyst, tomorrow you’re the creative director. Use the employees in your company to their full potential and get them thinking about new things. If you’re a one-man band, then do it with a business friend or partner. Something extraordinary might happen.

Budget allocation. So your business is spending on marketing already but isn’t seeing the desired results? Then get rid of it (or at least partly). You may find that with less money in the bank to spend you’ll develop more low-cost ideas that are more unorthodox. Your target market may respond to better.

Go back to old-school. Yes, my first point here observed the advances in technology and how you can benefit from them. But maybe your customer has had enough of the techy stuff. Maybe they want to go back to a more personal approach that focuses less on the technology and more of the face-to-face on-paper type of environment for a little while. Surprise them!

Anything that’s unusual is potentially unorthodox.

And when it’s unorthodox, it has a great chance of standing out from the crowd of just ‘typical.’

Isn’t that the main aim of marketing anyway?

What do you think?

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