Howdy and welcome.

I’m Gareth. On this blog, you’ll find a collection of my thoughts and ideas based on my experiences in marketing, business and life.

They represent what I do and how I feel.

I don’t do the standard stuff when it comes to business, marketing and blogging. And I’m not going to speak to you like the corporations (and the other businesses that think they’re million-dollar corporations) do.

This is me. I’m a real person, just like you are, and just like today’s customer. So everything you’ll find won’t be coated with the usual crap.

Expect random stories and bold statements that will hopefully get you thinking a little differently about marketing.

If you have something to say or would like a chat, then great — I almost encourage it! Let’s talk.

Here’s what some of my colleagues and friends and have had to say.

For a flavour of what I’m about, here are some of the most popular posts:

Brand Authenticity
10 Areas Of Focus That Will Increase Your Website Traffic
Don’t be an Island
Who Is Using Mobile?
Pitching & Performing

Data Unpredictability
Hidden Messages and Meanings

And finally, for a deeper look into some of my marketing thoughts, see my ebook Unorthodox Marketing.

Thanks for stopping by.




10 thoughts on “About

    1. Same to you, real interesting blog you have. I plan on taking a holiday there in the not too distant future!

      As for traffic, thanks. It’s something I’ve been doing for a good few years now so I hope it gave you a few ideas.

  1. Hi Gareth, I stumbled upon your site a while ago, but never visited your about page. I wanted to drop you a line after reading your post on success. Really great read!

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