Getting On The Inside

The key to new business wins isn’t bribery. But the answer isn’t a million miles away. B2B markets are competitive. Organisations must go through bidding/tendering processes to win new contracts. It involves a number of people and can take years. And then you still only have an equal chance as the rival bidder to win. […]

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What is Customer Experience?

Begin to understand what customer experience really means to customers. Customer experience is hailed as the new marketing. It’s something we desire as buyers; something we like to provide as sellers. But what is it? A recent Econsultancy APAC survey asked marketers what the biggest barriers were to their understanding of the customer experience. Some […]

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Brand Authenticity

What happens if your brand story and character isn’t real… like haunted houses. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo killed his entire family inside their home in Amityville. He claimed he was possessed by Satan and heard voices plotting against him. A year later, George Lutz moved into the house with his family. They heard voices, saw […]

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Controversy Sells

In a connected age, there’s a strategy proven to capture attention and get people talking. “I have no intention of running for president.” That’s what Donald Trump said in Time Magazine back in 1987. Now, a controversial statement. But that’s not such a bad thing. The Trump University opened in 2005. Much of the students […]

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A Shift In Mindset

Changing the way you approach marketing – and life – for the better. What if I told you, you could transform everything just by focussing on one principle? (No, this isn’t snake oil. This is the real thing.) A shift in mindset that can transform your organisation’s marketing activities. And the shift is seriously simple. […]

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