What They’re Saying


Energy. Passion. Ideas. Growth.

From sales to a product creation and development marketing agency to a creative design studio; from marketing services to joint venture product launch management; from traditional to digital. I’ve been around the block a little.

But my journey goes on…

Here are some of the people I’ve crossed paths with along the way and what they’ve had to say.


CEO, Bic-Innovation.com

“Gareth is a talented marketing professional who brings both creativity and analytical skills to develop well-researched marketing plans and proposals for clients. He has an excellent knowledge of branding, design and the latest digital marketing tools and gains most satisfaction from supporting clients with effective marketing implementation.”



Creative Director, Sequence.co.uk

“Working with Gareth is like being swept along a typhoon on its way to the Seychelles. The journey is driven, fast-paced and energetic, with the destination a thing of beauty.”




Bill-Hugall- unorthodox-marketing

Online Marketing/Branding Consultant
& CEO of Laptop Media Inc.

“Gareth knows how to build extremely profitable relationships in this industry. If his name is on it… I am in because to him it’s about everyone profiting!“





Business Performance Coach
& Founder of OnlineRule.com

“Gareth Roberts is one of them guys that everyone wants on their side. He works tirelessly to research, develop and exploit unconventional marketing opportunities, but more than anything, he delivers. When it comes to joint ventures, he knows the market, and he knows how to make people money.”




Design Studio Manager, Black & Yellow Design

“Gareth was a fantastic member of the team. Not only is his enthusiasm infectious, but he has a tremendous work ethic. The great thing is, he doesn’t rest on his laurels, he wants to constantly learn and improve – and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy!”




Business Coach, Digital Product Creator, Author & Speaker

“[Simply put, Gareth] went above and beyond…“


What do you think?

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