Free eBook: Unorthodox Marketing

21 July, 2014

10 marketing strategies that you’re probably not utilising right now…

The marketplace has now become cluttered, tangled and completely messed up.

Marketers, Advertisers, Salespeople and Business Owners are all fighting for new customers and product sales each day of the week, but the problem is that there’s too much fighting going on. There’s just too many messages, where it’s more difficult to get the attention of the consumer to drive businesses further and to grow.

Competition is increasing, yet the desire for buying, in general, is decreasing. It’s a classic catch-22 situation. It’s not a case of the demand being there to supply, it’s a case of demand not being there and the supply is in abundance!

Despite this trend, over the past few years, I’ve managed to bring in hundreds of thousands of unique visitors into websites and web pages, which have turned into tens of thousands of product sales, on existing and brand new products. And this eBook represents the strategies that enabled me to do so.

Today marks the day where I make this eBook available for FREE for the first time.

Here I’ve compiled a list of marketing ideas that’ll enable you to stand out of the crowd a bit more and better target and engage with the marketplace. This short eBook, UNORTHODOX MARKETING, lists 10 “alternative” strategies and presents simple and actionable points to get to grips with them.

(Super-fast read) In the pages, you’ll discover…

  • The best way to talk to your prospects that’ll increase engagement and conversions
  • How to get more out of your current customers
  • The most effective way to launch your products and services online
  • How to become a master at networking and connecting with potential JV partners in your industry or niche
  • Plus much more!

These are unorthodox strategies and ideas that you’re probably not using right now. Some simple and others not so, but what is certain is that they’ll help you start bringing in more traffic, more leads, more customers, and more importantly more revenue. They’ve served me well in the past (and still do now) so I hope you’ll be able to take something away. I know you will.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and change the way you sell to combat the current difficulties in modern marketing?

Download your free copy here (no opt-in).

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