The One Word That Changes Everything For You

There’s one word that can be used in any situation, that can swing a conversation in your favour at any time. Now, I’ll show you how to get to it, and what to do with it after.

So you’re speaking to a potential customer. Or perhaps, speaking to a colleague, friend or family member.

What you want to do is influence that person to your way of thinking. Whatever it may be. You’re looking for a way to get through to that person, but whatever you say or suggest, it just doesn’t seem to register.

And that’s fair enough. You can’t force people to come round to your way of thinking, after all.

But there’s something you can try. There’s something that you can fall back on that can actually change everything for you in such a scenario.

It’s so simple, that you’ll think: “Gosh, why didn’t I try this?!”

So here goes.

Salespeople know that the first thing they go after during a sales conversation is the word “yes.”

It doesn’t matter where, when or how this pops up in the conversation. If the other person says yes once, that person is instantly pulled onto the same level as you.

Or at least, closer than previously.

The more times you can get that person saying “yes”, the better chance you’ll have of winning that person over to your idea. Or your product, of course.

A psychological element is at play here. But we won’t go into the science. We don’t need to.

Let’s develop things.

When you’ve spoken a little bit about the circumstances, or why that person walked into your shop or why the weather is so great today, you can then start to turn on the heat.

That is, get to the pitch.

If that person has already agreed to what you’ve said a few times – that you both have a perceived general belief on things – then he or she will probably agree with your argument further.

If that person has already agreed to what you’ve said a few times – that you both have a perceived general belief on things – then he or she will probably agree with your argument further.

There’s no reason why not.

How do we do it?

Well, the best way is to use the classic push-pull sales technique… with a twist. Make a request or statement, then acknowledge that the other person has a choice.

Build trust. Build a relationship. But more importantly, build the conversation based on a mutually agreeable subject. Then hand over ownership.

“Yes, the weather is good. Yes, I’d love a holiday today. Yes, I would look good driving this car with the roof open. Yes, I wouldn’t mind taking it out for a test drive. Sure, I don’t have to but I have some time, and my wife is away, so why not. After all, I’m free to do what I want.”

Of course, there are other methods to use within this type of structured conversation/sales pitch.

Ones I’d suggest? I’d say, make the other person like you. Position yourself as an authority figure in a situation – relaying your heightened experience on the subject. Or, of course, use a little scarcity.

But as long as you start to agree on topics. As long as you are getting that person saying that all important word “yes.”

And as long as you’re not forcing the issue (not coming over too strong and too much like a salesperson), and giving that person a choice – one that they can’t resist of course – then you’ll begin to see people coming round to your way of thinking more often.

Yes, yes you will.

You want people to get to your way of thinking, don’t you? Give it a try then! If you want to change the way people react to what you say, that is.

What do you think?

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