Facebook Is Dominating Your World

15 August, 2014 — 2 Comments

It’s true. If you’re a product creator, seller or an affiliate, there’s one place that you and your business need to be operating in, and that’s Facebook.


This is the case because EVERYBODY is using Facebook. Meet any person anywhere, and they’ll have a Facebook account. However regular or irregular they log in and use it; they’ll still have a network to tap into and will always have reasons to come online and use the social network.

Let’s look at some numbers for the year so far. Here in the UK, 24 million users log on to Facebook each day.  On average, around the world it’s something in excess of 1.3 billion every month. And those are big numbers. Big numbers that are highly relevant to you and your business because what you have access to is a ton of information about each and every one of them users that you cannot get elsewhere. You can find out where they’re from, what they like and whether or not they’ve bought off Facebook before… and that’s just scratching the surface.

It’s big business.

So there’s a few numbers in terms of potential customers. When it comes to businesses, the numbers are equally as impressive. 30 million businesses now have a Fan Page and 1.5 million businesses spend money on Facebook Ads. Can you see where I’m going here?

5+ years ago Social Media platforms were a mere novelty. Now, they have the potential to drive all of the traffic and potential customer base a business would ever need to fully operate on. This is especially true with Facebook.

The main benefit coming from Facebook is increased exposure. But what makes this exposure so powerful, is that you can choose who this “exposure” comes from. That’s because when you set up your Facebook Fan Page, you can drive your current customers there to engage, and you can then target potential customers that would also come over to your page to engage through Facebook Ads.

YOU can choose who these people are. So let’s make some money off Facebook! The simplest model for marketing on Facebook, and the one I’d recommend for business is this:

  1. Build a Facebook Fan Page.
  2. Build a Landing Page with a compelling free offer (aka a lead magnet) related to your core offering.
  3. Send traffic through Facebook Ads to that offer and collect email addresses ready to conduct email marketing activities.
  4. Send free content and special offers to the new list of leads to educate and engage with the view of separating the buyers from the non-buyers.
  5. Turn those buyers into full premium customers by selling your core offering or any other form of upsell, and send the non-buyers back to various Facebook posts and other content on your website to determine their interests with the view of selling something else.
  6. Retarget the non-buyer segment again through Facebook Ads.
  7. Use the Facebook Custom Audiences option to upload your current buyers to Facebook and run more ads to it, cross-selling your products and increasing the value of your customer.
  8. Post often on your Fan Page and engage with users, and repeat the process.

In this short post, that’s generally it. And if you’re not doing any marketing or sales on Facebook, then you need to start and start right now. The model above provides a great blueprint for you to start and really get to grips with the potential it holds. And after you get to know its various options, you can expand what you’re doing thereafter.

Facebook is dominating, and it’s through it that you can also dominate your market or niche. In the digital marketing sphere, I do not know of a better place where you can increase exposure – when I say exposure, I mean increased traffic, improved search rankings, developing a list of loyal “fans”, generating leads and making sales. It gives you the ability to sell AND to engage in a social manner. Email marketing, telesales and so on do NOT have the ability to do this in such a detailed and targeted manner. This is exactly why you need to get onto Facebook right after reading this post.

And Facebook is only going to get bigger and better. Of course, there are other social media networking platforms out there, but none that is set up in this way. Therefore, you have no choice but to fully embrace it, jump on the bandwagon and begin better marketing your business online.

If you won’t, then somebody else will.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Is Dominating Your World

  1. Your mode of explaining the whole Facebook issue in this article is real nice, everyone will be able to easily understand it, even me! Thanks a lot.

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