Gamification Is A Way of Life

Game thinking in a non-gaming context is a great way to keep your current customers engaged and is also a great way to generate new customers. This is something I believe in very strongly. That is, that we’re all built to want to perform in competitions and contests, feel the need in want to solve […]

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Digital Competitor Reconnaissance

Competition is fierce in business nowadays, especially online. But here are some tips and tools to get ahead of those competitors through some basic digital reconnaissance. Okay, we all know the scenario. We come online to make some money within a niche or industry and NEED to know what’s going on in the marketplace – […]

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Facebook Is Dominating Your World

15 August, 2014 — 2 Comments It’s true. If you’re a product creator, seller or an affiliate, there’s one place that you and your business need to be operating in, and that’s Facebook. This is the case because EVERYBODY is using Facebook. Meet any person anywhere, and they’ll have a Facebook account. However regular or irregular they […]

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The Problem With Digital Marketing

If you work in digital marketing every day, there’ll probably be a few problems that come to mind. But the main problem isn’t what you think. You already know that building a mailing list, or getting more web traffic isn’t as easy as you thought when you first set up your digital marketing strategy. You’ll […]

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Free eBook: Unorthodox Marketing

21 July, 2014 10 marketing strategies that you’re probably not utilising right now… The marketplace has now become cluttered, tangled and completely messed up. Marketers, Advertisers, Salespeople and Business Owners are all fighting for new customers and product sales each day of the week, but the problem is that there’s too much fighting going on. There’s […]

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