A Private Blog Network Strategy That Will Actually Work With Google

10 September, 2014 — 9 Comments

Why Private Blog Networks aren’t all that they seem, plus an effective linking strategy that will get you traffic without hurting your website.


You’ve probably heard all the hype around Private Blog Networks. The idea has been around for some time but more recently everybody has decided to jump on it to launch their businesses into outer space. We’ve heard it all before: “It’s the latest hot thing, therefore I must embrace it.” But hold on a second…

If you didn’t know, Private Blog Networks are all about links you can buy to help out with your search rankings. Historically, “old” blog networks have had a bad reputation with Google and anyone that connected their websites to them would have been penalised. A few years back blog networks would have worked brilliantly, but Google found out and didn’t like the linking method which meant they penalised everyone on the playing field. Basically, you’d be doing your SEO strategy and your business huge harm if you did something similar again.

And yes, Private Blog Networks are similar as they follow the same linking principle, yet are also different because they’re not connected to each other (are private) in the same manner and rely on purchased expired URL’s that already have a good history with Google. So, there’s a little to play with here.

But never forget what happened to the first blog network craze because it may well happen again. Screw it, I’m going to say that it WILL happen again.

This is where you always have to think about Google if you’re looking to improve your rankings because SEO is Google. SEO is a competition run by Google and they will always call the shots. More importantly (and this is where online businesses need to look out) is that Google are always on the lookout for somebody scamming their ranking systems or cheating within their competitions. You’ll probably know of the continuous algorithm changes they regularly introduce to catch these kinds of people out. And, when they get caught out, their websites will only ever have darkness ahead.

But not you. You won’t be at risk because you’re not going to risk your website with these networks. You’re going to be smart and play Google at their own game.

Here’s the solution. This solution is in all reality, it’s a real simple one: Indirect Linking. That is to build links back to your links, and then link those to your Private Blog Networks. This way you’re not putting your main website at risk. Think about creating your 2nd tier links that are there to feed your 1st tier webpages – if they get punished then so be it because they’re not hurting your actual main website. Your website would lose the traffic coming from those 1st tier sites, but your business wouldn’t get hurt overall.  That’s precisely where I’d be using a Private Blog Networks – because the risk is so low. Your 1st tier links are at risk but all they are are your second in line behind your main website.

Of course, SEO is all about spreading links over the internet to boost them search rankings. So if you can do so without spamming then great! There are many ways to do this, and the hottest method of doing so is through Private Blog Networks.

Though the people that don’t know enough about blog networks – and SEO for that matter – won’t know that Google will be keeping a close eye on you. Eventually, they’ll be coming after you and your websites… and they will get you.

But this solution is a great way to help with your rankings even though I’m not entirely convinced by the idea of blog networks a sustainable SEO strategy. There probably will never be an out and out “long-term” SEO strategy either because things change so quickly online.

So, take the safe option and protect your core website and think about “indirect linking” through 2nd tier links, because the smart digital marketer will know too well that bad or spammy links will always hurt your rankings, and, therefore, your traffic and your revenue. And if you’re not using 2nd tier link building yet, then you probably shouldn’t go anywhere near Private Blog Networks for the time being.

I’m still not recommending Private Blog Networks, but if you choose to go down this route, then then way you’ll get more traffic is if you (1) know your niche and your keywords, (2) can identify the right sort of URL’s to purchase that are carefully analysed, (3) get the right sort of hosting.

9 thoughts on “A Private Blog Network Strategy That Will Actually Work With Google

  1. Can u pls explain this with d help of example/s? What i understood from this post is, e.g. if i have a website named xyz.com ; i should start one more mainly a blog & start posing content with a link from d xyz.com. am i right?

    1. Sure. I understand it’s a little complicated. Set up a couple of Tier 1 websites – blogs are perfect for this – and link posts and pages back to your main website. Then the principle is similar with the use of Private Blog Networks, just that’s it’s a tier below. So the links you buy should only be your Tier 2 websites that link to your Tier 1 websites. Nothing else. This is indirect linking because you’re linking to your Tier 1 websites only (that in turn is linked to your main website whose ranking won’t get punished if Google decides that Private Blog Networks won’t count as a ranking factor anymore).

      Some bloggers and SEO specialists will even go a step further and create Tier 3 and Tier 4 websites to really put the icing on the cake. Personally I don’t think this is necessary, but then again I’m not an SEO specialist. I’d rather focus my time elsewhere rather than link building in this manner for SEO. You already know that creating top quality content should be the main focus when it comes to SEO so let this be your primary area of improvement before looking at strategies like this.

  2. Wonderful post on the confusing topic of BPNs, thanks so a lot for sharing. Do you happen to have an RSS feed I can subscribe to?

  3. woah i like yur internet site. It actually helped me with the data i wus searching for. thank you, will save.

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