The Secret to Selling Your Product… And Sell it Well

17 October, 2014 — 4 Comments

Product creators begin on the right path building their products, but lose their way actually trying to sell those products. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.


Is there a secret? Well, I think there is.

When you first create, develop or research a new product idea, down the next alley is the question (in bold capital letters): “How do I best market and sell this product?” That’s the next step for any business which also happens to be a very critical one.

And right there, down that cold, dark and misty alleyway, is the crucial mistake that’ll hinder your product for the rest of its days.

You’ve created a product and have gone to sit inside of that product, looking out into the outside world at everything external to your tiny existence. You’re looking to market from within. You’re selling a product in its current form and thinking inside of the box.

What’s happening is that your main selling angle is the product’s benefits and the product’s features. Because that’s really what the product has to offer. That’s how you think that you can give this product its best chance of becoming a huge success. And by all means, you may well be successful selling this way. If so, then count yourself amongst the lucky.

But there’s a much more effective way to do this in the first place. To sell your product much better than the way you think it’s done by conveying its perceived strengths. It’s a way that will not only bring the best out of you, but will also bring the best out of your potential customers. To better sell!

And it involves stepping back outside of the product that you’ve spent days and months and years creating, and going back to the start. To the very start. Back to the time when you got that initial idea for the product – which was all you had back then. Just an idea. But that idea is so much more powerful than any marketing material you can ever think of. The product’s strength is the idea you had behind it in the first place.

Because it’s that passion that you felt when you first set out on this exciting new journey as a product creator (and now marketer) that’ll sell your product. It’s that desire to change the world as it currently is.

You once had imagination. A vision of what your product could do to people’s lives and how those same people would feel from using your product. It was a good feeling.

That’s what this is about, an emotional idea. An emotional appeal will always outweigh a rational argument in business. That’s the way you’re going to connect with your prospect, and that the way your prospect will understand you.

That is your secret.

Your journey will still go on, but keep away from those dark alleyways and keep your eyes on the bigger picture as you go. The people you come to contact with will want to buy your product because of XYZ that brought you to life and made you dream big and change the world, not because XYZ will last twice as long as the next product.

It’s difficult to really market your own product any other way in today’s competitive environment.

After all, that product is you. You’ve developed the idea, and turned that idea into the crown jewel that it is today based on that vision and emotional idea you once had before it all became ‘real’. So do yourself a favour. Don’t sell your product, sell your idea of the product. Think outside of the box, and not inside. Open up.

That’s the secret to selling your product, and to sell it well.

4 thoughts on “The Secret to Selling Your Product… And Sell it Well

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