The Creative Unorthodox

Here are some starting points where you can begin the process of thinking a little differently… like an unorthodox marketer. “What exactly is Unorthodox Marketing?” To be unorthodox is to be creative. Well, that’s a question I get asked a lot having coined the term in an eBook of the same name and having it […]

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Consistency Is Key

Keeping at it, at all times, is where great work comes from. Sometimes you get that aching pain in your stomach telling you today is the day where things just aren’t happening. It’s a pain that’s sometimes hard to get rid of, but that doesn’t make it impossible to leave behind. Do you want the […]

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The Brand Experience is a Journey

January 26, 2015 Dissecting the elements of a positive brand experience and its importance alongside a lead generation campaign. I recently did a presentation where I chose a few strategies – that included content marketing, gamification and email marketing and put together an example marketing campaign in the space of 15 minutes. It was a […]

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Your PR is Your Business

Who? What? Where? When? Why? If you have compelling and unique answers to all five questions, you’ll have a killer PR opportunity. First of all, let’s just roll out the age-old saying: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” I’m putting this out there because even today, this saying still goes strong. If people are talking about your […]

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Become A (Best-Selling) Publisher

The environment where readers are reading published content is changing and it possesses great potential for businesses to market their products and services as publishers. The internet is increasingly becoming a channel for people to search and learn about things, rather than to be sold things. As a customer, as much as I want to […]

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Content Marketing & Your Kingdom

December 19, 2014 Bill Gates once said that “Content is King.” And who am I to disagree with one of the world’s richest men? But today, I’m going to do exactly that. Image: @Wikipedia Well, I’m not going to disagree with him entirely though I am going to interpret content marketing in a different way. […]

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Secret Amazon Affiliate 2.0

December 16, 2014 — 2 Comments Before becoming an Amazon Affiliate, there are a few considerations…  Last week I wrote a post called ‘Secret Amazon Affiliate’ which was based on being an Amazon Associate at a time where Amazon Associates reap in the most sales and commissions. It was actually based on an eBook I wrote […]

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Secret Amazon Affiliate

December 10, 2014 — 2 Comments It’s as easy as this: if you’re not an Amazon affiliate making consistent commissions through their range of products then you’re missing a trick. It doesn’t even matter what kind of website or business you have… People every single day of the week, and that includes you and me, are buying […]

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