Secret Amazon Affiliate 2.0

December 16, 2014 — 2 Comments

Before becoming an Amazon Affiliate, there are a few considerations… 


Last week I wrote a post called ‘Secret Amazon Affiliate’ which was based on being an Amazon Associate at a time where Amazon Associates reap in the most sales and commissions.

It was actually based on an eBook I wrote to accompany a WordPress plugin that I built which enabled Amazon Associates to make commissions right offer their websites and blogs by selling products that have historically (and still do) sell well at this period of the year – and that’s discounted products.

But what I found based on the feedback I received, was that people are happy to sell Amazon products at this time of year though they weren’t exactly sure WHAT KIND of products to sell. In other words, what niches to go into.

So here are the best ways to find your most profitable sub-niches (in any market). These are the type of products you could be selling – because you cannot possibly become an “expert” or build authority in a large number of niches. You’ll discover how the expert Amazon marketers think when it comes to discovering niches and profiting from them.

To build more traffic you need to be the expert to get the traffic. Don’t forget, if you cookie a potential buyer and he or she visits Amazon and buys more products that are completely unrelated to you niche, it doesn’t matter. You sent that buyer to Amazon, and you will get the commission. Amazon makes it easy for you to do this. It’s exactly how I research sub-niches and found areas for potential that you can now expose and profit from during the holidays.

#1 Amazon (of course!) It’s as simple as typing your potential niche keyword and then looking at the ‘suggested’ results. The left-hand side then displays more ‘sub-categories’ which offers even more results for you to search through as potential sub-niches. I’m sure you’ve used this search feature loads of times, though did you ever think about them as sub-niches? If yes, then well done. I’m sure you’re already making money as an associate. If not, then take a closer look. You may find your perfect niche.

#2 PLR websites. Now I know you didn’t think about this one. Go on to any PLR website (I would suggest as a starting point. You’ll see the list of categories down the right-hand side and you’ll find a solid list to begin browsing through. Look deeper into these lists and you’ll find literally tonnes of sub-niches that you can start selling in.

#3 Wikipedia. This is another great place to zero in on the best sub-niches. Type in your niche keyword, then in the ‘search results’ it will list a variety of sub-niches right below your keyword. Those are the best-untapped niches that you can find on there because the results you find are totally at random. Anything at all can pop up here, and you’ll be surprised by the quality of some of the results.

#4 Forums. Go into any reputable forum, and you’ll find thousands of ‘sub-sections’ within that forum that is usually focused on just one niche topic. Just type your niche keyword into Google then the word ‘forum’, this will take you to a number of blogs where you can get searching for various forums. You’ll notice which are the most popular, and which ones aren’t simply by looking at the amount of people discussing and commenting on them.

#5 Google. Never forget the daddy of the internet when it comes to searching and discovering absolutely anything and everything. Type in your niche area or idea and then scroll right down to the bottom where it displays the ‘searches related to’ section. Right, there are your laser-targeted sub-niches that will almost 100% guarantee you traffic and huge interest. Perfect niche selection material!

Now you’ve seen the top 5 places to discover your niches, you’ll be able to tell that there are hundreds of potential areas to keep looking that are similar in nature. Think blogs, social media websites and other affiliate and associate networks… all you need to know is how to look, then you will soon discover a lucrative niche.

My only tip is, that when you search for your sub-niches, be sure to pick something that you are passionate about or have experience with, or simply a topic you’re interested in. Knowing enough about your niche and showing you’re passionate about it is the key to determining your success – after all you have to believe in your niche for it to succeed.
Okay, so you’re probably all asking yourselves the same question… ‘What are the niches that are going to bring me the most commission for the holidays?’ Let me reveal them for you. Take a look and head off and explore the internet to find the niche, sub-niche and product that is best suited to you.

1. Toys, 2. Beauty, 3. Electronics, 4. Photography, 5. Cooking, 6. Clothing, 7. Digital Entertainment, 8. Furniture, 9. Arts & Crafts, 10. DIY.

Remember, choosing the right niche is dependent on a few different factors, but the most important are; you, your audience and the time of the year that you are selling that product in that sub-niche.

(If this article interests you, then I urge you to check out the previous post on Amazon Affiliate Marketing.)

Have I covered everything?

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