Why You Need a YouTube Channel

This post is all about Video Marketing, and more importantly how to make it work for you in a time where everyone is obsessed with it.

If I were to say that online videos increase understanding of a product or service by a whopping 74%, would you believe me?

Well, it’s true.

So now’s the time to rethink your video marketing strategy.

Okay, many people will prefer to digest information through reading, and sometimes I am actually one of those people.

But the fact of the matter is that without video, you’re missing out on a wheelbarrow full of benefits.

This is certainly the case as customers are developing limited attention spans whilst browsing online.

And if you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost your lead generation figures or better engage with these customers (or even all three), then you need to start using videos and start right away.

Video marketing really kicked in a few years ago and has somewhat lost its effectiveness a little as time has gone by.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be doing any because there’s one key area that videos can really boost the three benefits mentioned above without really knowing about it. And that’s through SEO.

Search engine algorithms change dramatically. But one algorithm change that won’t happen anytime soon (as Google owns YouTube) is its social triggers with videos.

You can take literally months to rank a website on the first pages on Google, where, by contrast, you can rank a YouTube video in 24 hours.

That’s a fact.

That aside, there are two places that you absolutely need to be creating videos regardless of the ranking factors, and that’s on your YouTube channel and on your business’ website.

These are absolutely the only places where I would be putting my videos because the viewers will always be targeted and your time will be spent much more effectively than, say, for example, posting videos solely for Twitter or Facebook where everybody is dropping their videos.

I’m not saying that you don’t share your videos here; I’m saying do not solely create them for social purposes.

So if you’re going to be creating videos, be prepared to spend time and money creating them as nobody likes a poorly created video.

Go on YouTube and you’ll find tons of poor videos that receive next to nothing views.

That’s because the creators do not possess the ability to create unique and original content and, therefore, did not invest the money in building that video. You do not want to be one of them…

A complete waste of time for everyone.

And ask yourself the question, if website conversions with videos are at an average 4.8% compared to that of websites without at 2.9% (figures from Aberdeen), is it then a waste of time to get making videos? Absolutely not. This is why you NEED a YouTube channel.

But it’s a tricky situation.

Once again, marketers and business owners have realised the potential that video marketing holds.

“People love watching videos so why don’t we start creating them for our customers.”

But what was originally unique is becoming saturated and very soon videos will become less and less effective. Just look at the current popularity of Vine and how it’s the most watched form of video currently making the rounds online – and this is purely down to the very short nature of the videos.

These videos are killing the traditional sales video.

People do not have the time to watch your videos like they used to. Therefore, you need to be smart and a little more unorthodox.

Start a YouTube channel and start creating videos that are focused solely on informative and uniquely created videos, and don’t be afraid to spend a little on these because if people are to see your videos, they don’t want to be put off your business.

Then create one for your website that’s created around the same theme as your channel, keeping everything consistent.

Keeping them short, engaging, to-the-point and most importantly unique.

Remember to link them together, so then you’re not only increasing engagement between sites, boosting conversions and increasing your leads, but you’re also contributing a lot to your SEO strategy that you probably didn’t think possible.

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  1. Excellently post! If all bloggers offered exactly the same content as you, the internet would be a greater place.

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