The Blessing of Constant

Why working out and marketing is the same.

If you work out, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

If you work in business or on the front-line of that business, this will also strike a chord.

Look at all the great looking guys and all the great looking girls. The ones that not only look good but feel good because of looking good.

“Why can’t I look like that?”

If you’re amongst the group of people asking these kind of questions, then you’re an idiot. Alarm bells are now ringing.

Because the people that are in good shape and skinny and are well-groomed don’t get like that naturally. (Well few do, but it’s a minority.)

They’re like that because they work hard.

They spend their time looking after themselves and spend their evenings in the gym. Exercising. Keeping fit.

In business – in sales, advertising and marketing – it’s the same.

The person that is constantly looking to better him or herself is like the business that is always busy on the front end of the business.

Who is looking to bring new business into the business.

But it’s tricky.

Conduct a marketing campaign now, and within the first few weeks you’ll see nothing. One night out on the town equally won’t promise anything.

Give it a few months, then you’ll have something worth shouting about.

Hit the treadmill for an hour and you’ll feel terrible afterwards. But if you start hitting the treadmill every single day then you’ll start to feel great.

You’ll be getting fitter.

The principle is the same if you work in either of the professions mentioned earlier that involve bringing customers into a business. The front line.

You might take a sales call today and feel at though you’ve got nowhere. But after that call, not only have you started a relationship that may turn into a sale, but you’ve also taken valuable feedback for your next call.

You might conduct a marketing or advertising campaign and feel as though you’ve had no ROI. But what you have actually done is started to build your brand, as well as learned a lot about your market.

That’s the blessing of being constant.

Look at the big players. The big brands. The guys that get the girls. They’re constantly promoting; constantly working out.

Yes, they may get an injury at some point. They may get hurt. But chances are they won’t, and become fitter as a business. More visible.

Just like anything in life: if you want to be good at something, you have to keep on doing it. No matter what the circumstances are.

The brands that are blessed with great clients and great staff are the ones that are always busy. Busy attracting these people. Because they won’t come by just having a great looking website or headquarters.

You’re probably in some form of relationship right now. You probably did something to get it too.

Just like there are potential relationships out there, there are potential clients.

You just have to constantly want them.

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