Don’t be an Island

The one single thing that you shouldn’t be doing in your business and life. I’m going to keep this one short because this doesn’t need to be a long post – the title says it all. I once discovered that women, apparently, live longer than men. Now, when I first found out about this I […]

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Attention & Reputation (And Revenue) Comes From Launching New Products

November 20, 2014 When you launch a new product you’re opening up a whole world of opportunities for your business. You’re giving current customers a new opportunity to buy something else from you, you’re opening the door to brand new customers and creating a massive amount of buzz within your marketplace. In the online space, there’s […]

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Networking: Being The Familiar Face

October 30, 2014 — 1 Comment “Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for…” People are reluctant to consider networking as one of the main marketing practices purely because you’ll not walk away from that meeting with more money in your pocket. But you’re not perusing a sale here, or anything related […]

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The Joint Venture Partner Puzzle

12 June, 2014 – 4 Comments The challenge of building joint venture relationships seems daunting, but the benefits of acquiring one are in abundance. Here’s a helping hand to get started. I cannot think of a better way to sell online than through joint ventures. Joint venture partnerships, from the very beginning, appear destined for huge success […]

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